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  • Happy February

Happy February!

Exciting things are beginning to happen! I'm making plans for the field season and goodness it is busy! Robert and I will continue tracking Gull-billed Terns in San Diego and monitoring how the breeding colony is recovering from the 2013 acanthocephaliasis event (paper soon to be submitted). I will also continue banding and tracking Elegant Terns on their migration to South America. North American Black Skimmers are on the event horizon as well. I have been banding chicks and monitoring survival and recruitment to the San Diego colony. This year I will be tracking adults as the winter along the Pacific Coast. We aren't leaving out the South American Black Skimmers either! I will be back to Manu National Park in the Peruvian Amazon (Aug- Sept) where I will join Dr. Lisa Davenport in tracking these and other waterbirds nesting in Manu.

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