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Ph.D., Ecology, University of Oklahoma (2022)

M.S., Ecology, San Diego State University (2014)

B.S., Zoology, Humboldt State University (2000)

B.S., Marine Biology, Humboldt State University (2000)



Science Support, Honorary Member of IIECCO, 2020- present

Society of Conservation Biology 2010-present

American Ornithological Union 2009-present

Pacific Seabird Group 2010- present

Waterbird Society 2009- present

British Ecological Society, 2019-present

Current Professional Collaborations (Projects in italics)

2017-Present: Town of Hempstead Conservation and Waterways, Black Skimmer diet characterization and movements in relation to water quality in Hempstead Bay, New York


2018- Present: Lindsay Addison, NC Audubon coastal biologist; Dr. Rebecca Harrison, USFWS Pea Island NWR Manager; Jon Altman, Biologist for Cape Lookout National Seashore, Finescale movements of the American Oystercatcher: The relationship between forging ecology, energetics, and reproductive success.


2020-Present: Dr. Patricia Szczys, Eastern Connecticut State University. Black Skimmer population connectivity in the Americas.


Assistant Editor, Waterbirds Journal 2023

Secretary-elect, The Waterbird Society Oct 2023


Peer reviewer experience

Journal of Avian Biology, 2023

Journal of Field Ornithology, 2023

Conservation Biology, 2017-Present

The Auk, 2016-2019

Waterbirds, 2014- Present

Marine Ornithology, 2019- Present

JPeer, 2020

Animal Biotelemetry, 2021

Southwestern Naturalist, 2020-2022

Society and working group memberships

British Ecological Society 2019- Present

Waterbird Society 2010- Present

Pacific Seabird Group 2010-Present

Marine Atlantic Bird Cooperative, Marine Spatial Planning and Seabird Colonies and Adjacent Waters Working Groups, 2018-Present

Tern Taskforce, International Bird Rescue founding member 2022

American Oystercatcher Working Group, 2020- present

Black Skimmer Working Group, established 2023.

Experience- contact for more information.

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